10+ Health Benefits That Come With Sex

Sex is a natural act of love, intimacy, and trust. It is an important part of a couple’s life and comes hand in hand with intimacy. Sex is not only physical but also an emotional act; therefore it affects our bodies as well as our mind. Here are 10+ health benefits that come hand in hand with safe partnered sex when it’s practiced regularly.

It is good for your heart

Sex is good for your cardiovascular health. This effect is stronger among women, but sex is also beneficial for men’s hearts. Maybe you have heard this fact, but have you asked yourself about the reason for it? Well, sex is actually a physical activity. (Do you already consider canceling your fitness card?). While you have sex, you actually exercise your muscles, stretch your tendons, and move your joints. Depending on how active you’re in bed, sex is considered to be from low to moderate physical activity. Isn’t it just amazing? You can enjoy a pleasant time with your partner and burn calories in the meanwhile.

Stress Relief

Here comes fact №2 – sex reduces stress. It’s all about hormones! When people are satisfied with the act of love, their bodies release hormones that relieve stress, make the organism more stress-resilient, and promote recovery from stressful experiences or thoughts.

When you get rid of stress, you lower significantly the risk of stress-related health problems such as an ulcer, and some kinds of cancer.

Sex brings you harmony

Furthermore, all the cuddling and the foreplay have their important role not only for bringing you happiness but for human mental health as well. During these activities, people feel appreciated, attractive, and loved. This is essential for keeping the inner balance.

It deepens your relationship

As it comes to balance, regular sexual intercourse helps to keep the balance in a couple’s life. Sex is a form of physical as well as emotional communication between partners; it releases tension and increases the satisfaction of their relationship. In addition to that people who have sex one or two times per week have a better sense of their wellbeing. They also feel more satisfied with life.

Sex boosts your mood

Moreover, sexual intercourse has a great influence on your mood. Here hormones do their job and make you feel happier. Your glands start releasing oxytocin and endorphins in blood and the magic happens: after making love you are on a cloud nine. The good news is that this effect lasts not only for the minutes right after sex, but some more time.

Keeps depression away

Perhaps you won’t be amazed to read that regular sexual intercourse reduces anxiety and is a great prevention of depression and other problems related to mental health. Who will feel depressed if they feel loved, supported, and healthy? Well, sounds logical, isn’t it?


Here is one more positive effect that sex has on our bodies – endorphins that flood the blood and brain relief pain. So, a headache isn’t an excuse not to make love anymore. On the contrary – most probably sex will alleviate your headache in a very delightful way.

Sleep like a log

Having in mind that partnered sex decreases the stress levels and helps people feel well it is not surprising that it can effectively replace a sleeping pill. Seriously, the whole hormone cocktail that releases after sex relaxes your body and mind and helps you fall asleep fast. We believe you’ve seen a lot of jokes on social media related to the fact that men fall asleep in the blink of an eye after having sex. It’s not a coincidence, it’s because of hormones. So, ladies, don’t blame your partner. 

Sex reduces blood pressure

Let’s get back to the physical effects of making love. Moreover, we continue writing about hormones. When sex activity reduces stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol, it actually reduces blood pressure along with other benefits. This doesn’t mean that you should reject your doctor’s prescription, and stop taking your medication for high blood pressure. What we saying is that safe sex is good for your health. However, if you have health issues, please, stick to your doctor’s advice.

Immune System booster

It is believed that sexual intercourse boosts the immune system, but there are still not enough studies that prove this undoubtedly. Nevertheless, all the health benefits mentioned above are absolutely enough for us to believe that sex is good for the immune system as well.

Safety first In conclusion, let us pay attention to one significant detail. Sex is beneficial only if it’s safe. Unprotected sex puts you at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as unintended pregnancies. We assume you definitely wouldn’t like to endanger your partner and yourself, so enjoy sex responsibly and use a condom.