How to spice up the foreplay in a long-term relationship

The sexual intercourse itself is great, but what makes sex an emotional and passionate activity, to a large extent, is the foreplay. We believe you’re nodding in agreement with this state. 

When you are in a new relationship, it’s much easier. Excitement comes naturally as partners are new to each other. Hormones are flooding your body, and let’s admit it – you’re a little bit nervous, which makes it even more exciting. When it comes to long-term relationships, the situation looks different. The partners know each other well. They know how to please the other, they are aware of what is arousing for their beloved one, what is so-so, and what is absolutely unacceptable for them. Here comes the harder part – how to make the foreplay thrilling, even if you’ve been in your relationship for years. The good news is that there are many options to surprise your partner with super stimulating tricks. Keep reading…

Make compliments.
They matter

Compliment your beloved one – it’s as simple as that. Sometimes all the stress, tasks, and daily routine make us forget telling our partner how much we appreciate them and why they make our life brighter. You can bring compliments to the next level, and mention that her butt looks extremely sexy in the pair of jeans she is wearing or you just adore caressing his muscles and want to see him in the buff. 

Talk dirty

You can even make a step forward and switch to dirty talking. Well, be careful with this idea. You are the one who knows how far you can get. The main idea is to sound erotic and to sparkle your partner’s imagination, not to be offensive or vulgar. What your goal is is to kindle sexual temptation, not to disgust your partner, so – know your limit.

Music and its superpower

Music has almost superpower when it comes to influencing our mood. That’s why it’s a great tool that you can use smartly to tune your lover to the ‘wanna-make-love-right-now’ vibe. You can play smooth jazz, blues, acoustic versions of favorite love songs, or romantic evergreens. 

Act unexpectedly 

Here’s one more tool that you can try – use the power of surprise. Have you tried to seduce your partner in a moment when they do not expect it? You can gently caress their hip and continue moving your hand towards their most intimate parts, while you are both watching your favorite TV show or even when they’re reading the news/washing the dishes. This unexpected gesture will make your beloved one feel super hot and will spice up the rest of the day/night.

Get creative with sexting

You can also try the opposite technique – send your partner sexts during the day to make them wait impatiently the moment you’ll meet. Drop them a few lines describing what you would like them to do with you or what you would like to do with them once you meet after work. Warning! Please, make sure you’ve selected the right user before you hit the ‘send’ button. Otherwise, you’ll get into a seriously complicated situation. 

Perform an erotic massage

Give your sweetheart a massage. Yes, this is indeed a common technique to seduce somebody, but do you remember the last time you applied it? Giving a massage is an excellent strategy for several reasons. First – stress is an enemy when it comes to intimate life, and massages relieve stress. Second, massages may be very erotic. There are many YouTube and other tutorials on how to make an arousing massage. So, even if you’re not very skillful in giving massages, you can gain some knowledge and follow the instructions that you’ve watched/read. Here comes the third reason – you can always move your hands from your partner’s back to their behind or the inner part of the hips, close to the delicate zone. 

Use a natural aphrodisiac

Massages come hand in hand with aromatherapy. It is not needed to be an expert in it to know that lavender releases stress, orange energizes our senses, and ylang-ylang essential oil is known as an aphrodisiac. You can use an aroma lamp or diffuser to spread the odor and rely on its sex drive. Sandalwood is another essential oil that you can buy if you’d like to enjoy stronger sexual desire. Actually, there are a lot more aphrodisiac essential oils. In case it’s interesting to you, just let us know and we’ll write a separate article, focused on them. 

Tease your partner

Avoid touching the privates directly in the foreplay. Instead, try to tease your partner irresistibly: kiss and fondle their hips, belly, and shoulders, without touching the private parts. This can be very stimulating, especially if you touch the zones that are super close to the genitals. This trick is very rousing and will arouse your lover. 

Explore your partner’s body

Here is another tip you’ll like – just change whatever you usually do in the foreplay, and replace it with new movements and touches. Instead of focusing on the erogenous zones that you are used to touching, explore your partner’s body to find new ones. Try to caress or even suck the earlobes, the backside of the neck, then kiss the neck, the lower abdomen… use your imagination. However, don’t forget to observe your partner’s reactions. If they don’t seem to enjoy something, stop doing it. 

Make sex… delicious

Have you tried involving food in the foreplay? Some cream, chocolate, grapes, or strawberries will do excellent work. You can cover your favorite part of your partner’s body with them and start eating without using your hands. All the gentle touches with lips and tongue may have a remarkable effect. You can even add a few naughty bites. 

Seduce them with dancing

Why don’t you spice up the foreplay with a dance? All you need is a sexy song. If you dim the lights or light candles instead you’ll add an extra dose of sexual temptation. Even if you’re not very experienced with dancing, do not feel ashamed. On the contrary – self-confidence is super hot, so… play the song, take a breath, and dance for your beloved one. In case you’d like to heat the situation even more – you can strip. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself in advance and choose clothes that you can undress easily. There’s no need to mention, but just in case – put on beautiful underwear… or ‘forget’ to put any. 

Dance, baby, dance

Talking about dances… have you ever thought about a lap dance? Well, if you haven’t tried it, maybe it requires some more bravery, but if you put more effort, they’ll pay off for sure. Your partner will be speechless. One more note – ask your lover that they can look, but can’t touch you. This will make them eager to have you once when the song is over. It’s your turn now – dance, baby, dance! 

Cook for your sweetheart

Life is extremely busy and we often forget that love needs your time. Why don’t you invest a couple of hours in your relationship, and take your time to cook a special dinner for your partner as a surprise? It doesn’t need to be a fancy dish with expensive products. Love and time you’ll spend in it are the most precious ingredients. They will make the dinner special. It will be nice if you decorate the table with some flowers and candles, and serve the dish on your plates for special occasions. When your beloved one arrives home, behave in a flirty and seductive way, and enjoy the results.

Get to know each other

If you’ve been in your relationship for a very long time maybe you feel a little bit bored with your sex life? You can heat the foreplay with the following tip: let you and your partner pretend to be strangers. Start with making an appointment at a café or restaurant, put on sexy clothes or even buy yourself something new for the occasion. When your partner comes, act as if it’s your first date, and you’ve just met them. The main idea is to feel the butterflies in your stomach again and to show your partner how attractive he/she is. Don’t forget to compliment them and to look at them in a way that reveals how impressed you’re with the other person.